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Dec 10, 2020
Rich's & Jakarta Vegan Guide

Jakarta Vegan Guide event, Plantopia x Woke Space successfully brought together a community of plant lovers and vegan & non-vegan food communities. “The Jakarta Vegan Guide is a media that focuses on the vegan lifestyle in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Woke Space is one of the event celebrations to commemorate World Vegan Month. This is our second year and want to introduce vegan to the non-vegan community, ”said Chandra Revo, as the Co-Founder of Jakarta Vegan Guide.

In the event which took place from 10 - 13 December 2020, Rich Products Indonesia participated in introducing the vegan lifestyle to the public. "For the development of the current lifestyle, many people have turned to vegan. Therefore, Rich Products Indonesia in collaboration with PT Melessi Fajar Abadi also introduced our product which is suitable for vegan. Primarily used for making cookies, drinks and desserts, ”said Vicky Harseno, Trade Marketing Rich Products Indonesia.

The product recommendation for the vegan is Whip Topping Base which is made from vegetable oil. Melvern Clark, as President Director of PT Melessi Fajar Abadi, explained that his customers are very enthusiastic because there’s rarely a vegan whip cream that tastes like this and can strengthen the taste of the creations made.

Some of the food menus sold by Rich's during the event, such as Banana Cake Vegan, Fruity Dessert Box, Vegan Quiche Spinach, Ice Tropical Healthy Blended, and Ice Refreshing Summer that made with Whip Topping Base. This product is also acid-resistant, so it can be mixed with acidic liquids, juices, fruit, and purees. Whip Topping Base can be purchased at the nearest TBK (ingredient shop) or at PT Melessi Fajar Abadi.

During the exhibition, there were various activities that were chosen by visitors, including the Houseplant Bazaar, Plant Meditation, Plantasia - A Concert For Plants, The Botanicals Photo Exhibition by Rio Motret, Plant Auction, Plant Adoption, Deep Talk and Woke Shop. In the midst of the pandemic, Jakarta Vegan Guide implemented strict health protocols, emphasizing visitors to wear masks, social distance, and provide hand sanitizers around the area.

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