Rich's Indonesia LIVE Demo & Seminar with Chef Desi

Jul 2, 2020
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On July 2nd, Rich's Indonesia held an online seminar collaboration with Chef Desi as the main speaker. Chef Desi was the first winner of Masterchef Season 2 and also the Founder of Pesona Katering Nusantara. She's an active food consultant and has written a book 20 Recipes to Please the Strong Heart.

In this collaboration, Chef Desi shared tips and trick on how to be successful in the culinary business, especially for beginners. Since currently the home culinary and home baker are the most desirable business startup during Covid-19 pandemic.

In the seminar, Chef Desi explained that a home-based culinary business is good to do, yet there are several factors that must be considered such as logo, packaging, standard recipe, and clear instructions on the packaging. She emphasised that the products should be safe to be consumed by people and it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. Determining the market is also one of the main point within marketer's success was also discussed in the seminar.

After sharing a successful way of doing a home business, Chef Desi had the chance to do a recipe demonstrations for Seared Chicken with Creamy Mustard Sauce made by using Non Dairy Creamer. Knowing that it isn't only for beverage usage, Non Dairy Creamer can also be used for cooking and as coconut milk substitute. "In addition, Non Dairy Creamer product can be an alternative for those who has allergic to milk," explained Chef Desi. As a representative of Rich's, Chef Adam also create a special beverage menu, Jasmine Tea and Tropical Fruit Slush as the complimentary menus of Non Dairy Creamer.

Chef Desi can be reached through her Instagram @inpirationalchef. Any inquiries of Rich's Products can be contacted through: or contact us on Facebook/ Instagram / Youtube: Rich Products Indonesia.

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