Food Trends 2020 / 21

28 December 2020

Just like fashion, culinary also has trends every year. For example, in 2020, there’re so many culinary trends. Here is a summary of the menu that’s trending in 2020. Most of the trends refer to instagramable foods and some of them are booming due to the influence of social media. Here Rich's Indonesia summarizes it for you.


  1. Korean Garlic Bread

Korean Garlic Bread is a bread that uses cheese and onions as the main ingredients. Korean Garlic Bread was first popularized in South Korea and has become the target of culinary fans around the world. Have you ever tried?


  1. Dessert Box

Next, we have Dessert Box. And the pandemic hasn’t made dessert fans stop indulging their palates with their favorite sweet menu. Variants that are predicted to be favorites include the Lotus Biscoff Dessert Box, Red Velvet Dessert Box, and Oreo Supreme Dessert Box.


  1. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee became so popular. Many influencers, artists, making Dalgona Coffee at home. The main ingredients are coffee, milk, sugar, and hot water, whipped using a mixer. The sweet taste and soft texture are the reasons why Dalgona Coffee is increasingly loved by the public.


Turning to the trends that will develop in 2021, many predict that several menus that are booming in 2020 will return to trends in 2021. Culinary businessmen must be careful to see culinary opportunities and trends. In order not to miss the update, here’s Rich's Indonesia, which summaries culinary trends in 2021. Chef this out!


  1. Vegan Cake

Healthy food will still be a trend in 2021. Especially because of pandemic, more and more people are aware of the importance of health. Therefore, many choose to become vegan or eat healthy foods. One of them is choosing to consume Vegan Cake that uses vegetable-based ingredients.


  1. Mochi Boba Bubble Tea

One of the beverage creations that are predicted to be in great demand in 2021 comes from the beverage category, namely Mochi Boba Bubble Tea. By using mochi and chewy boba, plus the taste character of Milk Tea that indulges this drink is expected to become popular in 2021.


  1. Fluffy Pancakes

Japan always has adorable food creations. One of them is the Fluffy Pancake which can be decorated with an adorable character. With a very soft texture and an attractive appearance, it’s possible that Fluffy Pancake will return to the trend in 2021.


Those are the 3 favorite menus that will become a trend in 2021. Make sure you always use quality ingredients so that customers will always be liked. One of them is Rich's Indonesia whip topping which can be applied to various recipes such as cakes, breads, desserts, drinks, to cooking. There are also choices of whip toppings that can be consumed by vegans. To purchase Rich's products, you can contact our customer service via

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