Healthier & Practical Choices Over Traditional Buttercream

15 April 2021

For those of you who like to make cakes, of course, will be very much familiar with this ingredient. Yes, that’s whipping cream which usually applied as a cake icing & decoration. Whipping cream has a creamy and soft color. Whipping cream is also often used as cake layers and topping decorations for a better refined selling point.


Beautiful White Color

Decorating the cake with various colors is a plus point for a cake. Therefore, color is the most important factor in choosing whipped cream. It would be recommendable to choose a white color cream so that it can blend well with food coloring.


Delicate Vanilla Flavor

There are many flavors selection offered by whipping cream. You can choose according to your needs. One of the most sought after flavor is the delicate vanilla flavor, which is able to give the cake a distinctive taste and selling point.


More Practical Cream

Knowing the needs of our customers, Bettercreme has two sizes packaging, 907 and 500g. This 500g is more economical and suitable for 1 cake applications. With high quality and advantages, Bettercreme has freeze flow technology, the cream wouldn’t be freeze in the refrigerator.

Bettercreme is suitable for alternative traditional butter cream, without the greasy taste. In addition, Bettercreme is highly recommended for icing, filling, and spreading cakes or bread because it can last for 24 hours at room temperature. Bettercreme 500g is a smart choice according to your needs at an economical price.

There’re 2 sizes portion of Bettercreme choices that will be suitable to your needs, Bettercreme 907g and 500g. For Bettercreme purchases and other Rich's product info, please contact us at link bio Facebook and Instagram : Rich Products Indonesia. Our admin will be more than happy to help you.

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