Recommended New Year Recipes That Worth Trying

28 December 2020

Entering at the end of the year, of course you have to think about the food / beverage recipes that will be made next year. Especially, if you are a culinary businessman, you are required to be observant about opportunities and keep up with market demands that continue to roll. Then what are the recipes that will be trending in the next year? Here is a summary of recipes that you should try in 2021.


Vegan Chocolate Dessert Box

As is well known, in the midst of this pandemic, people are starting to choose to live a healthy lifestyle. One of them is being vegan. However, when you decide to become vegan, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy delicious food. The recommended recipe for the new year that you must try is the Vegan Chocolate Dessert Box, which is made from plant-based ingredients, without the addition of milk, honey, and eggs.


Bisscoff Cheese Tart

Processed with biscuits is still the favorite in 2021. So, Bisscoff Cheese Tart can be one of the menus that you must try. Made from tart / pie combined with cheese filling and Biscoff biscuits, this creation is guaranteed to be loved by young children to adults.


Hokkaido Bun

Another recipe recommendation that should be tried in 2021 comes from the bread category. There is a Hokkaido Bun which is very soft and makes it so special. This bread, also known as the Japanese Milk Bun, can be made into various colors to create an attractive appearance.


Taro Cheese Macchiato

In the beverage category, there’s a Taro Cheese Macchiato with cream cheese topping. The distinctive taste of taro combined with cheese cream makes Taro Cheese Macchiato the perfect recommendation in 2021. Moreover, its beautiful color makes the appearance of Taro Cheese Macchiato a high selling point.

So, those are 4 recommended recipes that you can try in 2021. For the complete recipe, you can visit or follow our social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube: Rich Products Indonesia.

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