Whip Topping Chocolate with New Packaging

23 February 2021

Whip Topping Chocolate has now changed to a fresher packaging and of course with a same quality. Whip Topping Chocolate is the first chocolate whip topping in Indonesia that comes with a premium taste. This choice of quality toppings is perfect for bread, topping, cake coating, cake filling, dessert and beverage applications.

Whip topping with chocolate flavour that easy to use without the hassle of making your own chocolate topping. Its delicious chocolate taste and high consistency make this product easy to use every time.

With an affordable price, Whip Topping Chocolate is suitable for bakeries and large food service businesses on a large scale. Easy to use, only pour and shake. Without the addition of other ingredients, so it can maintain storage and hygiene. Has consistent quality and very efficient in use.

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