Whipping Cream with High Stability

25 May 2021

Whipped cream is perfect for cake decoration and Whipped cream may be the easiest and best choice because it has a delicious texture and taste. However, you need to know, the main thing that needs to be considered in choosing a whipping cream is a good level of stability. In addition, some considerations for choosing other whipping creams are as follows.


Consistent Quality

Consistent whipping cream means that the cream has good stability, making it very easy to use. Cream is also not easily cracking and firm, when mixed until cream applied to the cake as a filling or icing. A must-have for cake lovers to make sure your cake looks as good as it tastes.


Delicious Vanilla Flavor

Non dairy whipping cream has a sweet taste, such as vanilla flavor. So, you don't need to add sugar or other flavorings to apply it. A good whipping cream is also has white color and shiny so it can be mixed with oil based food coloring to enhance your appearance.



Last but not least, whipping cream is also versatile. It can be used for cake batter mixes or decorations, such as filling between layers of cakes, cake toppings / icing, dessert applications, beverage mixes and also dollop / whipped cream.


Gold Label Comes with New Packaging, Same Perfection

Gold Label is a flagship product from Rich Products Indonesia. Gold Label has high stability so it preferred by pastry chefs, home bakers, and large scale bakeries and cake shops. Gold Label is now changing to a new, fresher and more attractive packaging with the same quality.

Comes with a variety of applications, such as icing, Gold Label is also ideal for cake filling, topping / icing and beverage mixes also dessert applications. For Gold Label purchases and other Rich's product info, please contact our admin at Contact Rich's. Or follow our social media, Instagram, Facebook & Youtube: Rich Products Indonesia for product info, recipes, demo workshop schedules, and other interesting promos.

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