Rich’s introduces non-dairy whip topping products with range applications for food and beverage. A high quality whip topping with competitive prices, suitable for large scale productions.

Rich’s offers chocolate indulgence for decorating, filling, mix & beverage topping or even practically easy-made ganache. Delicious yet soft chocolate flavor with high consistency. A smart options for your business.

Rich's non dairy cream has the texture, stability, and versatility in upscaling food service signatures. An ideal selection for your menus, perfect start to mind-blowing creations.

Our Story

Born From Innovation

Founded by Robert Rich Sr. in 1945, Rich Products Corporation was born from an innovation - the world’s first non - dairy whipped topping. Mr. Rich’s pioneering spirit continues to guide the ongoing success of this family held company. The history of Rich Products has been marked by innovative breakthroughs, an unparalleled commitment to “Caring for Customers Like Only a Family Can,” and aggressive worldwide growth.

Our Products

Our Recipes

Stollen Loaf Bread
Es Teh Tape Ketan
Chocolate Oreo Mousse


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What Variant That We Have?

Rich Products Indonesia has 7 products with variant type of innovations & advantages, such as baking, cooking, and beverage mix. One of our top products is Gold Label which has good consistency for cake decoration.

How Can Rich’s Help My Business?

When you collaborate with Rich’s, you become our priority. Rich’s helps customer overcome obstacles and support their growth. Listen and understand, stay flexible and open minded, and work together to discover solutions that have real impact.

How to Start a Business with Rich’s?

To start business with Rich’s, you can fill out the REGISTRATION FORM on the right side for your quiries. Also you can DM us on social media, Facebook & Instagram : Rich Products Indonesia. Or contact our head office : 021 2245 5450 / 021 8061 7200. Our Sales Representative will be happy to help you.

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