A Better Choice of Whip Topping Cream

04 November 2020

The consumption of cream has become common in this modern era, likewise to enjoy icing or even cream decor from a cake. Mostly cake decorating was made to elevate the shape, color, and eventually selling more values. Did you know that commonly known the term of topping cream is actually referring to vegetable fat products meanwhile whip cream contains animal fat. Such known, there are two kinds of whip cream, dairy and non dairy.

Topping cream itself is generally known in Indonesia as non dairy whip cream. Here are interesting facts about non dairy whip cream that you need to know and its benefits.

Non dairy whip cream is made from vegetable fat, palm kernel oil, and it's suitable for those who have lactose intolerance or dairy allergy. Non dairy whip cream is also a healthier alternative than heavy cream, suitable to be consumed for people with healthy diet than heavy cream. Such as Gold Label which has good stability for cake decor and Non Dairy Creamer which can be used as a substitute for coconut milk.

For cream application, Non dairy whip cream known to be more versatile. It can be used for icing, toppings, filling, drink mixes, desserts, and substitute for coconut milk for food or drinks. As a cake decoration or beverage topping, Non dairy whip cream is also sturdier and will not get runny or melt at room temperature. One of the best thing is that there's product selection for vegan friendly, that doesn't contain milk, eggs, and honey. Vegan food and drink creations made delicious with Whip Topping Base or Toppin’ Pride.

For the balanced diet there’s also whip cream options with a lighter fat content and perfect for icing, desserts, or drinks with a dairy flavour. Niagara Farms is a dairy blend whip topping with a creamy milk flavour and highly recommended for making mousse. Niagara Farms has good stability for decorating cakes overrun of up to 300%.

After knowing the difference between non dairy and dairy whip cream, the choice is yours. Choose what's needed according to your body & diet!

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