Value Pride Soft Blend

HALAL Certificate

An excellent less sweet choice that does not compromise on good taste texture and unbeatable flavor. This product provide an easy solution to operational with a quality-innovative-product which are high yield with superior stability, a great quality result with profitable margin at a very competitive price.

Product Features
Handling Instruction
Vanilla, mild sweetness
Clear White
Outstanding stability cake filling & decoration, good for mix ingredients on bread dough. High product performance ensures ease of bakery operational
  • For cake decoration, mixture additional on recipe and pastry fillings
  1. Arrives frozen (-18°C)
  2. Thaw before use in refrigerator 2°C-7°C for 24-36 before usage for best result
  3. Shake container well before opening. Pour into a chilled bowl, volume should not exceed 20% capacity of bowl
  4. Whip on medium or high speed until soft peaks form
  5. Whipped product must be stored under refrigeration and can be frozen (recommended to be finished within a week after opening)
  6. Never refreeze unwhipped product
  • Frozen
    • 1 Year
  • Refrigerated unopened
    • 2 Weeks
  • Refrigerated opened
    • 1 Week
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